How to Sign Up

Until we get a fancy system in place, we are using the wine shopping cart to get you signed up, so please read through  this.

To begin, indicate which level you are interested in from the column to the left by putting a 1 in the buy box, and click add to cart.

It is going to look a lot like you are buying something, but notice that there are zeros in all the dollar boxes. The zeros tell the shopping cart to send the information directly to us, and we keep the information on file. This is the same information we collect if you were to sign up in person at the winery.

During the check out process there is an option to provide a ship to address other than the billing address. You can use this for the obvious, but it should also be used to provide the address of someone to whom may be gifting a membership to, if your intention is for us to shipped it to them.

A little farther through the process in the box "Special instructions/Comments:" Please indicate in that box if you will be picking up your wine at the winery, or wish us ship to you, by saying pick up, or ship. Below this is the gift recipient information box. and a note box. if you have any special requests leave us a note.

That's all there is to it. You will  get an automatic receipt by email, but we will also follow up by email to make sure we got it right.

Two Bottle Mixed Red & White
average cost per release, $38*

Two bottle Red
average cost per release, $46*

Six bottle Mixed Red/White
average cost per release, $108*

Six bottle Red
average cost per release, $132*

Twelve bottle Red/White
average cost per release, $210*

Twelve bottle Red
average cost per release, $246*

* Pus shipping and sales tax when applicable

Membership Obligations

By providing this information you are signing up for the Chatter Creek Wine Club and confirm that you are at least 21 years of age.

You are authorizing Chatter Creek to retain your credit card information and charge your card for the wine (and shipping, if applicable) cost of each shipment.

You may cancel anytime after the first shipment by sending a 14-day written cancellation notice by email to

New members must pay for and receive at least one shipment prior to cancellation.