Our Latest Releases

We proudly to released the following wines on November 2016.

Chardonnay 2014
Malbec 2012

Red Wine, Bordeaux varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon Yakima Valley 2012 $28
 Cabernet Sauvignon 100%; 29 months in French oak
The 2012 vintage was a return to normal in Washington. The effect was centered fruit, supple body, and smooth tannins, resulting in very balanced, age-worthy wines. This wine shows dark purple with a ruby rim. The bright nose is intertwined with a complex mix of blueberry and black cherry, and with hints of coffee and blackberry. A medley of flavors, including blueberry, cassis, and cedar, linger in a tightly wound mid-palate. Featuring ripe flavors and a silky mouth feel, this wine is well balanced and even, with smooth tannins and a lingering finish. To me what is most remarkable about this wine is the fact it is 100% Cabernet and didn’t need any blending or fining to make it balanced and beautiful. Just grapes and time.
288 cases produced. [more]

Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley - 2012 $28
 Cabernet Franc %100 29 months in French oak
On the nose, aromas of blueberry, cranberry, cassis, and peppers. The mouth feel is clean with ripe and youthful pie-cherry and red berry flavors that are unencumbered by oak. The tannins are well managed, and the finish is fruity, velvety and lingers for quite some time.
125 cases produced.

Merlot Yakima Valley 2010 $24
 Merlot 100%; 29 months in French oak
2010 was one of the coolest vintages on record in Washington, and a year that tested my patience. Fortunately, a warmer September and October allowed grapes to ripen to maturity. Terroir driven, this is an elegant Merlot from the Lonesome Spring Ranch and Portteus vineyards.
200 cases produced. [more]

Malbec Columbia Valley 2012 $28
 Malbec 100%; 34 months in French oak
Aromas on this wine are bold with black cherries and dried berries such a raisins, and a hint of meatiness that adds interest and complexity. On the palate, this year’s Malbec is saturated with black, dark berry and plum flavors supported by some minerality and a bit of meat. The wine is perfectly balanced with a great dose of natural acidity and ends with a long, clean finish.
72 cases produced.

Valley Terroir 2010 $22
 Merlot 53%, Cabernet Sauvignon 23%, Malbec 19%, Cabernet Franc 5%; 32 months in French oak
This wine sparkles with bright, ruby color. The nose, ripe and forward, is an aromatic blend of violets, cassis, and black cherry. A complex palate starts with cassis, then warming to plummy cherry and blueberry fruit. The finish continues the interplay of the fruit and terroir, framed in by notes of toasted almonds and vanilla bean. A wine that boasts of tremendous balance and attentive winemaking.
209 cases produced. [more]

Barbera Yakima Valley 2012 $22
 Barbera 100%
Barbera from the 2012 vintage exhibits attractive ripe aromas of red berries, nutmeg, orange peel, and cherry. Crisp Italian plum, nuts, and August blackberries dominate the palate. Lingering toasty notes and tight-grained tannins underlay a lengthy finish of chocolate and cinnamon.
73 cases produced. [more]

Cellar Cat Red $12
 Bordeaux Blend; French oak
Just Darn Good Wine at an enjoyable everyday price. I constantly change it up but every bottle is made from the same high quality wines that make up the rest of my wines, or could be one of my other red wines in disguise.

White Wine and Rose

Chardonnay Yakima Valley 2014 $22
 Chardonnay 100% The Chardonnay grape thrives in Washington’s loam and sandy soil deposits left from the last ice age. I use two Yakima Valley vineyards, Olsen Brothers and Lonesome Spring Ranch, for my Chardonnay.
The wine was fermented in the traditional Burgundian way using neutral, French oak barrels to maintain a fresh and elegant style. This Chardonnay has apple and white peach aromas. The palate is refined and creamy with flavors of white peach and pineapple, which linger in a clean, refreshing finish.
240 cases produced.

Albarino 2015 $18
 Albarino 100%
The grapes for this Albariño were sourced from Yakima Valley. Although the 2015 growing season was hotter than usual, it still produced an elegant and delicate wine. The grapes for this Albariño were sourced from Yakima Valley. This wine is very floral, showing ripe pear and Fuji apple in the nose. Although the wine is dry, there are sweet flavors of nectarine, apple, and mixed melons on the palate. Cool tank fermentation helped to preserve the lively acidity that supports its long clean finish.
35 cases produced.

Roussanne Yakima Valley 2015 $18
 Roussane 100%
Roussanne is known for being a difficult grape to grow, with uneven yields and difficulty in achieving consistent ripening. The Roussanne for this bottling comes from Lonesome Spring Ranch, and once again Collin has proven what an exceptional grower he is with this obstinate grape. This Roussanne has grape blossom and lime aromas. There are crisp apple, citrus, and stone flavors, and a creamy middle palate, with tight acid throughout and a lingering key lime flavor in the finish.

Sauvignon Blanc Yakima Valley 2015 $18
 Sauvignon Blanc 100%
This Sauvignon Blanc is from the Lonesome Spring Ranch Vineyard. It is located in the cooler regions of the Yakima Valley. I barrel fermented the Sauvignon Blanc which really helped fatten up the mid palate and add some wonderful layering of flavors. The nose is strongly fruity and floral, with hints of grass and citrus fruits. The flavors are assertive and center on melon, grapefruit rind and lime. The finish is clean and lingers until tomorrow.
71 cases produced.

Orange Muscat Lonesome Spring Ranch Yakima Valley 2011 $18
 Muscat 100%
This wine is very floral with ripe orange and apple in the nose. Sweet flavors of nectarine, apple, and mixed melons on the palate. A lingering, clean finish is supported by well-balanced acidity. The perfect aperitif. [more]

Rose 2015 $18
 Carbernet Sauvignon 72%, Merlot 28%
For completely different reasons than last year I’m really stoked about this vintage. Like last year, this rose is made from the juice of red grapes that was bled off just after crushing when very little color had leached from the skins. The French term for this process is saignee. The mouth feel is crisp and clean but somehow creates the illusion of soft at the same time. So what we have is strawberry, melon, and citrus that predominate the wine.
70 cases produced.