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Why Cider

I began making wine in the early 80’s as a home winemaker. Some of the first wine I made was from fresh apple juice purchased from the local grocery. It was great stuff to practice with, but wanting to be a “serious” winemaker, I moved on to grapes and wine-making as a vocation. Throughout the years as a professional winemaker I’ve been called on to make many types of fruit wines and mead but never made it back to apple. About twenty years ago I started Chatter Creek Winery, making sparkling and still wines. The idea of working with apples again languished on the “that’d be fun to do” list.

A year or so ago, after a particularly awful day of not doing winemaking at the winery, I grabbed a couple of carboys and some yeast, stopped at the store for apple juice on my way home, and The Pilot Project was started.

Our Ciders

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Pilot Project, Golden Cider

This is a winemakers take on how to make cider. There for it is balanced a bit more like a wine than your typical cider. The apples used to make the cider are all grown in Washington and are primarily culinary apples like Fugi, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, SweeTango, Piñata, Granny Smith, Red and Golden Delicious.

The cider is Golden in color with moderate apple flavor. The acid and sweetness are in balance and present a natural apple flavor with some light tannin, notes of honey, stone fruit and pineapple medium carbonation.
ABV 6.9%, CO2 2.0 volumes.
Abailable in 500ml Swingtop bottle $10 and in 1/6 barrel (20lt) keg $225

Chaider Clipper, Cider with chi spices

The Chaider Clipper is Golden Cider infused with Chai Tea and sweetened further with Clover Honey. The blend of spices that make Chai adds wonderful aromatics to the already apply flavors of the Golden Cider. The black tea in the Chai adds tannon and back bone. Honey in small amounts only adds aromatics and enhanced spice but does not add sweetness. It all comes together as spicy robust and elegant.
ABV 6.9%, CO2 2.0 volumes.
Abailable in 500ml Swingtop bottle $10 and in 1/6 barrel (20lt) keg $225

Luya, Cider infused with Ginger

Luya is Golden Cider infused with Ginger and sweetened further with Clover Honey. Luya is Ginger in Tagalog,the predominent native language of the Philippine Islands. The ginger and apple aromas play nicely together. It has a fresh ginger snap that supports the apple of the cider. In addition to some sweeting from apple consentrate, I've added some honey to bring out the heat in the ginger. All in all a verry ballanced and sessionable cider.
ABV 6.9%, CO2 2.0 volumes.
Abailable in 500ml Swingtop bottle $10 and in 1/6 barrel (20lt)=(40 bottles) keg $225

Barrel Roll, Apple Cider aged Whiskey Barrels

This cider was aged for 4 months in American oak barrels that had been used to age JP Trodden Bourbon Whiskey. It is bone dry and displays the balance of oak and apple aromas. About a third of the apples used in the blend are Granny Smith, which provide the nice snap in the finish. Only 4 barrels of this were produced and it is only available through the winery tasting room or a few select taps around town.
ABV 9.1%, CO2 2.0 volumes.

Nochthexen,(Night Witches) Apple Cider with Blackberry, Sumac, Nutmeg and Cinnamon

This cider is dry and lightly plumb in color with moderate apple flavor. The infusion of Blackberry , sumac, nutmeg, and cinnamon come together in a refreshing way. Nice tannin gives adds a nice backbone and carries the finish.
ABV 6.5%, CO2 2.0 volumes.

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Retail Stores

  • Chuck's Hop Shop, Greenwood
  • Beer Junction, West Seattle
  • Full Throttle,Georgetown
  • Chuck's Hop Shop Capital Hill, Seattle
  • A1 Hop Shop 144th, Greenwood, Seattle
  • A1 Hop Shop 104th, Greenwood, Seattle

Restaurants and Tap Rooms

  • Anthes Ferments, Langley
  • Barbecue Smith, Maple Leaf, Seattle
  • The Hop and Hound, Bothell
  • Growler Guys, Seattle
  • Russle's, Stoneway, Seattle
  • The Dane, Crown Hill, Seattle
  • Hop House, Redmond
  • Westy's, Roosivelt
  • A-1 Hop Shops, Greenwood, Seattle
  • Ridgecrest Public House, Seattle
  • Brother Barrel, Lakecity, Seattle
  • Noble Fir, Ballard, Seattle
  • The Lodge - Greenwood, Seattle
  • Blue Glass, Ballard
  • Elliot Bay Public House & Brewery
  • Ranconteur Cafee, Mt Baker, Seattle
  • Beardslee Public House, Bothell
  • Capital Cider, Seattle
  • The Yard, Seattle
  • Uneeda Burger, Fremont, Seattle
  • Barking Dog Alehouse, Greenwood, Seattle
  • Blue Star Cafe & Pub, Wallingford, Seattle
  • The Lookout, Capital Hill, Seattle
  • The Yard, Greenwood, Seattle
  • Trailbend Taproom, Ballard, Seattle
  • Urban Lux, Roosivelt, Seattle
  • Zulu's, Bothell


  • Flying Bike Brewery, Greenwood, Seattle
  • The Machine House, Georgetown, Seattle
  • Fremont Brewing, Fremont, Seattle
  • Flying Lion Brewing, Columbia City, Seattle
  • Hellbent Brewing, Lake City
  • Naked City Brewing, Greenwood
  • Ghostfish Brewing, SODO, Seattle
  • Lowercaase Brewing, Georgetown, Seattle
  • Maritime Pacific, Ballard, Seattle